The environment is safe and hygienic for your dog

An unclean accommodation is a hidden danger containing pathogenic bacteria and bacteria that affect the dog’s health. So good hygiene for the dog’s accommodation every day as well as regular bathing for them is the basis for them to have a quality life.

Give your dog enough waterdog pet

Always provide enough water (eat, drink) every day to strengthen the dog’s health. Because like us, 70% of the body is water.

Pay attention to nutritiondog pet

A quality dog diet and prevention of obesity or stunting. Being overweight and obese can adversely affect their health. Follow the recommended dietary recommendations your veterinarian follows the nutritional needs of your dog based on size, age, activity level, and breed.

See your veterinarian periodicallydog pet

Take your “puppy” to the veterinarian periodically for regular checkups, vaccinations, deworming and external parasite control or when you notice signs of possible illness, injured…

Give your pet regular exercisedog pet

If you love them, remember to take your dog for a walk around or go to the park or participate in regular running and playing activities, while helping you relax but your puppy will also enjoy it.

Train your dog by following simple commands

It can be helpful to take care of your dog and train your dog to do simple things. It’s as simple as teaching them to pick up things, catch balls, look after objects, play with babies…
Pay attention to the dog’s reproductive problems when it comes to genitals
Go through with breeding if you intend to breed puppies or castrate (with male dogs) if not. Consult with your veterinarian for the best pet

Taking care of your dog’s teeth, feathers and nails is very importantdog pet

Many varieties are susceptible to gum disease, which can have a serious impact. Infections caused by this condition lead to premature tooth loss, affecting other organs including the heart valves.

Do not ignore grooming and trimmed nails for them anymore to prevent many bacteria, diseases, parasites as well as walking, moving to avoid the pain of long nails.

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