About Us

Why I Built Carlson Canine Camp:

I began training in 1994.  At that time, it was strictly going to be in people’s homes.  Later, I did some Board and Train programs at local kennel that I was managing.  Eventually. I did classes in a few places from other local kennels, to the Park District, to a Vet Clinic here in town.

It was difficult to basically work out of the trunk of my car.  I knew that someday I wanted my own facility.

As I began thinking about a training facility, I realized that Day Care would be something different that we needed locally.  As the plans began to materialize for that grooming and a boarding facility, it seemed to be the next logical choices basically making Carlson Canine Camp, a one stop shop, for most of your pet’s needs.

Our office
Our Goals
  • To provide a safe and caring enviroment for your dog.
  • To make each dog feel like the only dog.
  • To provide a barking good time for your dog!!.

Boarding Kennel:

The most difficult part of planning the facility was designing the kennel.  I knew that I wanted something different then the traditional kennel with outside concrete runs.   I wantaed the facility to be warm and inviting and also to be set up to give the dogs the best care possible.

Having grown up with a dog who was only boarded twice and both times being nightmares for both the dog and family, I wanted something different.  My plan was to build and operate the kennel the way I wanted my own dogs to be taken care of.  We pride ourselves in operating a comfortable, clean, and invting environment, where the dogs are our top priority!!!!.

In addition to getting outside to large play yards several times a day, we also feed a very high quality of food in the kennel.  I will not compromise quality for price.  Kennel dogs eat the same as my dogs and I am very picky as to what my dogs eat.  We also sell only top quality food at our facility.

In addition to getting outside to play several times a day, your dog is let out late evening and then tucked in with a Kong Toy Stuffed with Pea;nut Butter!!!!

Day Care:

Day care offers people the opportunity to have their dogs go somewhere to play and have fun while owners are at work.   The dog has a good time and comes home tired after a long day of playing.   The day care is supervised by staff and dogs are given a 2 hr. time out from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM.   Dogs are inside and outside during the day weather permitting.   A tired dog is a happy dog and makes for a happier owner.


Training was the initial reason for building the facility.  Myself and Tanai Alich are both Certified Professional Dog Trainers.  The certrification is the only independent certification there is and it requires so many hours of hands on training, as well as passing a test, etc.   To maintain certification, you must attend seminars or write professional articles.  Our training is positive and does not use harsh methods, such as pinch collars or choke collars.  Our philosophy is that dogs respond to our training because they trust us rather than fear us.  We will never do anything in the name of training to physically hurt a dog.

We offer a variety of training programs from classes, to One on One, or Board and Train programs.


When I built CCC, I wanted to add grooming, but only if I could get the Groomer(s) that I wanted from the start.   Luckily, I was able to hire Linda Thill, who has been here since we opened.  Linda is a very professional Groomer, who is very patient with the dogs and does an amazing job.

Brita Saxby, later joined CCC, and currently works here limited hours, but mostly on the weekends.

If you want your dog to look the best he/she can look for a very reasonable price, while also knowing that the dog will in good hands, why not try calling for an appointment?……..You won’t be disappointed.

Bathe Your Own Dog:
Need a quick clean up on your pooch?  Instead of messing up your house, why not mess up our tub room.   We offer raised tubs, high powered dryer, and towels.   All you bring is the dog and shampoo.  Forgot the shampoo?……We sell supplies here also, so no need to worry.


Since we do training and have a boarding kenne,l we offer some items for sale that we highly recommend for your dog that may be otherwise be hard to find.   We sell different foods that are all high quality, some toys, and training treats, etc.