If You Don’t Train ‘Em, Don’t Blame ‘Em!

We train using ONLY positive reinforcement – no prong collars, no choke chains – We want the dog to trust you, not fear you.
We offer classes for a HUGE variety of dogs, from Puppy Preschool to Nose Training, Carslon Canine Camp is sure to have the right class for you.
Our classes last six weeks and fill up VERY fast. Be sure and schedule your pet right away.

Our camp trainers are:
Jan Carlson, CPDT-KA and Tania Alich, CPDT-KA.
Tania and Jan are the only Certified Pet Dog Trainers in the area. This certification is the only one of it’s type to be recognized nationally for dog training.
At this time, there are approximately 400 certified trainers worldwide. For more information on trainer certification, visit Association of Professional Dog Trainers.


Carlson Canine Camp board and train programs allows the your dog to stay at the kennel while we work with him/her. Planning a vacation? This is a perfect opportunity to take a break and come home to your newly trained pet!

***Jan Carlson, CPDT-KA***
***Tania Alich, CPDT-KA***

4 Day Training:
Typically we work on basic obedience such as heel, sit, down and stay. We can work on some minor problems such as jumping and going thru doors without dragging the handler.

4 Day Fee: $275

7 Day Training:
We work on the basics as described in the 4 day training, then add more obedience such as the “come” command and work on other problems such as house breaking and barking.

7 Day Fee: $455

10 Day Training:
All aspects of the 7 day course are covered adding “off-leash” training. We don’t typically advise you to walk your dog off of a leash; however, we want to know the dog will respond should the need arise.
10 Day Fee: $600

14 Day Training:
All aspects of the 10 day course are covered with additional off leash work and any other problem areas you may have found with your dog – the time allows us to tailor the training more towards the individual dog.
14 Day Fee: $880


One-on-one training at Carlson’s allows us to work with you and your dog on individual problem situations, issues and concerns that you may have. We will also help you address any specific commands that you may want your dog to accomplish.

One-on-one training is done with the owner and one of our trainers. Appointments are scheduled to ensure both the trainer and the owner are available. Typical training sessions will require about an hour; however, sometimes the session will last slightly longer.

Typically, one-on-one training will be an “add-on” to our group sessions, which we recommend for socializing your dog.

Rates for one-on-one training will vary depending on location of the lesson as well as time required to accomplish the goal. Please call one of our trainers for an estimate so we may gain better knowledge of what you are looking to accomplish.