Despite owning a long coat, but Poodle has very little hair loss, very suitable for families with children or a member with a dog allergy. Poodle is characterized by a dense, curly, and firm coat that can be trimmed or “designed”, so this is the dog with the most eye-catching and impressive style. So how to properly and effectively care for Poodle dog hair ? Follow along through the article below!

How to shave blood for Poodle

Shave the blood of the Poodle

There are many simple methods to help a Poodle achieve a beautiful, smooth, and shiny coat. One of the most popular and effective ways to take care of Poodle’s dog’s coat is to shave the blood, the first coat of Poodle. The best time you can shave your Poodle’s blood is when they are 2 months old. Or as soon as you pick up a puppy to your home.

Poodle’s bloody coat is usually soft, long, but not tangled and curly, so the puppies are very messy. Therefore, when this first coat is finished, after 1 month the next coat can grow more easily. This coat is characterized by thick and curly hair, less shedding, so the owner is very easy to care for Poodle.

Ease of care doesn’t mean you don’t spend the time grooming and trimming Poodle’s second coat. Once cut short, the Poodle still needs regular grooming. Therefore, every 3 to 6 weeks, the farmer should trim their feathers once so that the Poodle’s feathers become neat, beautiful and not tangled.

Advantages and disadvantages of shaving blood for Poodle

Currently, many people still wonder whether to shave the blood for Poodle or not? In the past, everyone thought that shaving blood was a way to help Poodle have a lovely and smoother coat. However, this is actually a wrong view. Because any method has its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • When trimming blood feathers, the back coat of the Poodle will be ruffled and firmer
  • This is very convenient for the latter to be able to more easily shape the coat of the Poodle, giving it an impressive beauty that no other dog can match.


  • After cutting blood hair, in order for the second coat to grow more beautiful, it is required that the breeder provide Poodle with many necessary nutrients.
  • Poodle’s body temperature may change after a blood hair removal is done.
  • After shaving the old coat and waiting for the new hair to grow, the Poodle will be very itchy for a while.
  • After shaving blood, you should observe and monitor the Poodle carefully. Avoid getting hurt by hitting hard objects

How to take care of the Poodle dog’s coat after shaving the blood

After shaving blood, it takes a certain time for the Poodle to regrow its hair as before. During this time, you should use vitamin E-rich body wash and conditioner to stimulate Poodle’s hair growth to go faster and better.

During the new hair growth process, the hairs are easy to become sticky and stick together. Therefore, farmers should use products like Coat Conditioner so that the Poodle’s coat is no longer tangled and becomes smoother. In the daily meals, you can also supplement them with foods such as flipped duck eggs, protein foods, … will help the Poodle’s feathers shine and soften. In addition, the farmer should take the time to brush the Poodle regularly, helping the new coat to be soft, fluffy and no longer sticky.

Currently, in pet care stores, they do not support the breeder shaving blood for Poodle. However, if you still want to do this then you can shave yourself or use the Poodle hair removal services at home.

How to prune Poodle dog hair

Why trim the Poodle dog’s coat

  • Unlike other pet dogs, they often shed their feathers at times, while the Poodle’s coat is very rarely shed. Poodle hair has the same mechanism of growth as human hair. Therefore, if you do not regularly trim cleanly, neatly, the Poodle’s hair can grow very long, dense, even cover the face.
  • When the breeder spends a lot of time trimming the Poodle’s feathers, your pet will be very neat, clean and become much more lovely and lovely.
  • Dog fur is the best place for bacteria to survive and grow. Therefore, to prevent Poodle from getting unwanted diseases, you should bathe them clean and trim their hair more neatly.
  • In the summer, when the weather is hot and uncomfortable, you should regularly trim the Poodle as neatly as possible. Let Poodle’s body always feel comfortable, cool and clean!

How to trim Poodle dog hair

The coat is the most wonderful shirt that God has given to our Poodle. Therefore, in order for Poodle’s feathers to always be neat, shiny and clean, you should spend more time trimming, grooming and caring for their feathers more often. In the summer, it is best to trim your poodle every 1 to 2 months. When the weather gets cold, you should only prune every 3 months in winter

In addition, you can use the Poodle dog hair care equipment such as trimmer, small scissors, brushing to make the trimming process easier. When cutting feathers, you should find a way to keep the Poodle still. Or you can ask a loved one to hold the Poodle, avoid them struggling to cause you to accidentally hurt the Poodle. The first time you prune it can take a long time and not easy at all. However, after a few times, the Poodle will get used to it and they will be more obedient and obedient.

If you are a simple person, just want your dog to become cleaner and tidy, you can stop at raising feathers. But regardless of style or not, the farmer should bathe and brush the Poodle children regularly so that their feathers are not tangled, always smooth and shiny.

If you want your Poodle to be impressive, special and luxurious in the eyes of everyone, then you can take them to pet spas to use their service. With different prices for each service, your puppy will be cleaned and has unique fur that no other dog can match. The current price for each visit to Spa is not too high. Owners should dog Poodle to Spa 2 to 3 times a year is enough.

How to dye the dog’s coat safe and effective

With Poodle dog owners, especially young people, hair dyeing is a trend that many people pursue. Have you ever walked on the road and came across an image of Poodle with colorful colors. There is even a Poodle that takes the form of Pikachu or a tiger. This is really impressive and cute, isn’t it?

Use natural colors to dye the feathers of Poodle

Farmers can use natural colors coming from purple amaranth, red in Gac fruit, yellow in turmeric to make the hair dye for Poodle. This method has the disadvantage of being easy to fade in a short time. But due to extracts from naturally occurring plants, they are very safe and do not harm the health of Poodle. Every time you take the Poodle out to play, you can dye your hair using this method. Once the color fades, you can re-dye your dog from scratch without any negative health effects.

You can do the dyeing following the procedure below

  • Before dyeing, the farmer should shower cleanly and neatly brush the Poodle’s fur
  • Localize the places on the Poodle’s body that you want to color
  • Prepare a spray bottle for vegetable coloring. Only spray in places where dyeing is required, and in places where it is not needed, cover. Avoid letting one color smudge to another color, making the Poodle’s coat more ugly
  • If you only want to dye your Poodle’s coat in one color, you can soak the Poodle in a water bath for a certain time.
  • Before finishing the coloring, you should dry the Poodle lightly. Absolutely not let them lie in one place or run around causing color stains.

As mentioned above, this natural method of hair dyeing may not last very long. However, it is very good for the health of your Poodle. Besides, you can take the Poodle to bath if you are not satisfied or want to keep a certain color. In general, this dyeing method is very convenient, extremely quick and easy to do at home, right?

Some notes on the hair dyeing of Poodle dogs

  • Absolutely not use human hair dye to do the hair coloring for Poodle. Because when Poodle accidentally licks or eats it, it is very dangerous to their health.
  • If you are dyeing your Poodle with medicine, you should carefully read whether the ingredients in the medication are suitable for your Poodle. Are there any substances that are harmful and have an adverse effect on their health.
  • Using chemicals to dye Poodle hair can cause side effects such as scabies, redness, and allergies. If left on for a long time, the Poodle’s coat is no longer able to regrow.

In general, grooming a Poodle is very simple if you do it properly. Farmers only need to spend a short time to consult how to trim or style the Poodle.

Wish your Poodle will always be the most beautiful and radiant!

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